Mini Case Studies

Global Telecommunications Corporation

Conducted internal qualitative and survey research to assess Business Solution Group’s sales force engagement, buy-in, and effectiveness. Consulted on sales process simplification to reduce time-to-contract performance.

Ivy League Graduate School of Business

Conducting research among Wall Street professionals to assess interest in and perceived value of transforming a traditionally academically-oriented database of global corporate financial and investment information into a new offering targeting investment banks, hedge funds, mutual funds, and related financial institutions.

Leading Publication Serving Technology Services to Federal and State Government

A series of industry studies on the effectiveness of relationships between prime government contractors, subordinated contractors, and their government-side clients, industry trends monitoring, particularly regarding regulatory reform and budget cutbacks.

Global Financial/ Investments Company

In three waves of work, surveyed 2,400 financial advisors and wealth managers to assess brand performance, benchmark against 8 key competitors, quantify “share” of financial advisor consideration and client referrals, and evaluate marketing effectiveness in positioning the company as a creditable player in emerging international markets securities.

Fortune 150 Pharmaceutical Company

Conducted sales force effectiveness and needs assessment research; Conducted go-to-market research and strategy support for Managed Care; working with the company’s marketing agency of record, advised on product defense strategy for antidepressant under attack from the Church of Scientology.

Major Law Firm

Team Performance Workouts are credited with making the firm’s Project Management Office (PMO) more pro-active and customer focused, improving the overall effectiveness of the group at completing

Broadcast Content Production Company

Organized and conducted behavioral workshops to build collaboration between competing production units. Led to sharing of resources that reduced production costs by 27% ($3.2MM).

Consumer Beverage Manufacturer

Linking digital and research based drivers to sales. Determine how to best connect social media, news media, blogs, clickstream web-site visitation, and other online digital data with traditional customer tracking survey data to predict beverage sales.

Consumer Paper Products Manufacturer

Brand Equity Key Drivers. Prioritize product attributes and simulate effect of brand performance changes on brand equity for competing paper product brands in 4 categories, based on latent variables key driver modeling in each.

Major Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

New Drug Share of New Rx Forecast. Predict eventual share of new prescriptions, under different scenarios of new drug’s features and expected marketing, based on a patient-based conjoint study varying drug features and existing drug marketing, and incorporating physician and patient characteristics.