Social Media Advocacy Assessor

Lodestar’s Social Media Advocacy Assessor Suite℠ Measures the Drivers of Online Consumer Brand Recommendations

Princeton, NJ, February 6, 2018 – Increasingly customers are relying more on online ‘buzz’ generated by third parties to inform their buying decisions (at the expense of traditional paid-for communication such as advertising). These third parties can be friends or family members, experts such as physicians or financial advisors, members of social networks, or journalists.

A number of recent studies, including ones by Bain and Gartner, have concluded that brands with the highest levels of net brand advocacy out perform their competitive set by substantial margins.  As a result, companies are increasingly seeking ways to more effectively measure and manage online brand advocacy.

To address this growing need, Lodestar has announced the release of Social Media Advocacy Assessor Suite v 3.0.  Offered in conjunction with our UK-based social media research partner, WaveMetrix, the Assessor goes beyond traditional ‘buzz’ volume and sentiment metrics to assess individuals who are truly passionate online – both positively and negatively – about the brands they know and use and the drivers of their passion.

Clients use the Assessor’s detailed analytics and insights to:

  • Optimize Marketing – refine marketing messages, understand and focus on marketing activities which drive the most advocacy
  • Improve Products and Services – better understand needs, expectations and priorities of target customers, identify and react to changes in online perceptions and attitudes, develop products better aligned with why users recommend you
  • Enhance Brand Performance – align your brand image with the values that drive advocacy, understand your brand’s strengths/weaknesses relative to customers.

An Assessor engagement can be scaled a client’s unique information needs, geographic scope of interest, reporting timelines, and budget

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