Strategic Partnership Performance Suite

Lodestar Releases The Strategic Partnership Performance Suite℠

Princeton, NJ, June 1, 2018 – Lodestar Advisory Partners has announced the release of The Strategic Partnership Performance Suite, a platform of products, tools, resources and consulting services to help clients more effectively build, manage, and optimize partnerships, alliances, supplier/distributor pipelines, and other forms of inter-company collaborative relationships.

“In today’s hypercompetitive marketplaces, it is so difficult and costly to develop new products and penetrate new markets that few companies can go it alone in many situations – not should they try”, commented Lodestar CEO Dr. Tom Nelson.  “Increasingly, business organizations of all sizes are turning to partnerships to achieve a variety of strategic objectives, including accelerating growth and acquiring ‘mission critical’ new capabilities.”

Unfortunately, building and sustaining effective partnerships is not easy.  A recent BPI Network report revealed that nearly 50% of collaborative arrangements quickly fail, are not well leveraged, or cannot be maintained long-term.

“One reason companies struggle with partnerships is that there are no text books on the subject and few MBA/graduate programs provide relevant instruction.  As a result, most executives learn strategic partnering only through painful and costly trial and error,” Nelson added.  “We have pooled 20+ years of Lodestar research on partnership performance, a variety of our tools and methods, and accumulated expertise into the Suite to help clients get up the learning curve more quickly and painlessly.”

The Strategic Partnership Performance Suiteconsists of resources to support four stages of partnership management – planning, execution, optimization, and performance measurement.  It also offers Lodestar’s proprietary Partnership Effectiveness Maturity Model, which provides clients with benchmarks and a roadmap for building more effective partnering relationships over time.

About Lodestar

Lodestar is an advisory services firm that helps clients create, manage, and utilize information and intelligence of all kinds to solve complex business problems.  Our work has two goals: improve business performance and drive growth.

The firm is built around six major practice areas – marketing research and decision sciences, information management, innovation, marketing effectiveness, customer experience management, and strategy acceleration.  We also offer specialized services in areas such as competitive intelligence, technology scouting, intellectual property assessment, future forecasting, performance measurement, marketing effectiveness, ROI assessment, strategic planning, sales force effectiveness, and go-to-market strategy.

Lodestar works with Fortune 1000 and SMB clients across a variety of industries, including financial services, healthcare and life sciences, media, publishing, technology, professional services, manufacturing, and the public sector.

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