Lodestar Completes Jobs-To-Be-Done Customer Validation Research for Shipley Energy and Energy Objective

Lodestar Completes Jobs-To-Be-Done Customer Validation Research for Shipley Energy and Energy Objective

Lodestar Advisory Partners has just completed a customer validation of a Jobs- To-Be-Done framework for Shipley’s Energy Objective B2B brokerage division.  Based on Anthony Ulwick’s well-known methodology, JTBD requires a company team to first establish or hypothesize all of the primary, secondary, and tertiary “jobs” a prospective buyer is attempting to complete in an integrated framework and then, second, conduct external customer research to validate the “goodness of fit” of the framework.

The research involved a series of 16 in-depth interviews with senior/final energy procurement executives in manufacturing and warehousing companies with annual revenues of $50-$250mm and which purchase more than >1m kwh in electricity annually across six targeted energy deregulated states, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio.

Lodestar CEO Dr. Tom Nelson commented, “Ulwick’s Jobs To Be Done is one of several methodologies our clients use to help detail and dimensionalize their various buyers’ journeys.  JTBD is also very helpful in understanding unmet and underserved customer needs as a means of accelerating innovation and better calibrating standards of customer care. We were very happy to have the chance to partner with the Shipley Energy Objective sales and marketing teams in validating JTBD in the rapidly expanding field of B2B energy brokerage”.


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