Yousef’s main areas of interest include FMCG, consumer healthcare products, biotechnology, advanced materials and food science. Yousef also develops and trains in-house technology scouting teams. Based in London, he maintains an extensive network of connections around the world with strong links in Europe, Canada, the USA and Australasia. He also has a growing network in the BRIC countries and the Middle East. Through his links, Yousef is able to access technologies from centers of excellence, SMEs and technology start-ups worldwide. IP Intelligence is another area of Yousef’s expertise. In addition to IP mapping and strategic intelligence, Yousef uses his technical skills to investigate and propose solutions that circumvent granted claims in patents that are not licensable. Typically, such patents might be owned by or licensed exclusively to a competitor. The solutions Yousef recommends avoid infringement of the patent claims whilst achieving the desired technical outcome.


Technology scouting and assessment, intellectual property mapping and management, patent management, in-house technology scouting training.


Yousef acts as an advisor to a small number of promising technology start-ups. He is Visiting Lecturer at the School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary, University of London where he lectures on materials’ science and research methods. Previously, Yousef worked on a number of product development projects in Europe and Canada, and spent some time in medical device regulatory affairs. In 2001, Yousef completed his PhD in materials engineering at the University of London (UK).