Grace, Principal at EGL Analytics LLC, has worked as a marketing research consultant and methodologist for over 15 years. She has conducted a wide variety of study types, including segmentation, positioning and messaging, trade-off and choice studies, as well as other custom studies addressing unique marketing research questions.

Grace approaches each marketing research study with her expertise in research/analytic methodology combined with substantive knowledge of the client’s industry and understanding of the marketing challenges. In her work, she ensures the research will provide solutions to the business questions and marketing challenges the client is facing, and clearly communicates data-driven recommendations. A vast majority of her market research studies have been for pharmaceuticals and biologics; she also has conducted research in the areas of technology, auto and health insurance.


Market segmentation; Trade-off/Choice Modeling; Market positioning; Predictive/Key Driver Modeling; Data mining


Grace holds a BA in Psychology from Seoul National University and a PhD in Cognitive Psychology at Temple University. After receiving her doctoral degree, she spent 4 years conducting research in Cognitive Neuroscience at Temple University School of Medicine. Her research was published in many peer-reviewed journals in the areas of Psychology and Neurology. She has also taught Statistics and Psychology at Temple University. Prior to establishing EGL Analytics LLC, Grace has worked at TVG (2000-2003; Senior Project Director), TNS Healthcare (2003-2006; Senior Methodologist) and KantarHealth (2006-2010; Senior Director of Advanced Methods).