Al uses proven assessments and interviewing techniques to assign people to the roles and missions that are most congruent with their unique gifts and values, thus boosting productivity by shifting workplace behavior from merely “doing things” to actually getting things done.

Combining these methods with structured learning exercises, Al’s work with groups and teams promotes successful business outcomes by lowering the behavioral barriers to open communication and willing cooperation.

When an organization requires breakthrough innovation to achieve preeminence and gain market share, Al knows how to identify and nurture the champion conceptualizers and communicators within a company who are best equipped to generate the ideas and drive the changes that will get them there.


Organizational Development; Scientific Selection and Assignment; Project Leadership; Professional and Leadership Development; Behavioral Assessment


In 1980, Al founded and served as CEO for Computer Methods Corporation, an IT-focused systems staffing, recruiting, and project management company that continues in operation today. He’s developed and delivered several product engineering, marketing, and field training programs for industry-leading clients like Apple Computer, Inc. and HP. He’s managed numerous large-scale projects for clients like Deutsche Bank, DuPont, HBO, MSG Networks and NBC Universal.

Al studied general and social psychology at LaSalle and Vanderbilt Universities, and has taught systems design, project management, and software development as an adjunct faculty member at LaSalle and Carnegie Mellon Universities. He is certified in the administration and interpretation of several psychological instruments (e.g., the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Extended DiSC, and the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument).