Lodestar Launches The CPA Firm Advancement Suite℠

Lodestar Launches The CPA Firm Advancement SuiteSM

Princeton, NJ, January 28, 2017 – Lodestar announced today the launch of The CPA Firm Advancement Suite℠, a platform of products, tools, resources and consulting services to support large and mid-sized CPA firms in their growth and advancement efforts. Based on on-going industry benchmarking and competitive intelligence gathering as well as Lodestar’s work with many Accounting Today 100 firms, the Suite offers counsel, best practices, and implementation solutions for deepening existing client relationships, attracting new clients, creating competitive differentiation, building more effective firm cultures, and achieving growth through innovation.

Lodestar CEO Tom Nelson commented, “Every CPA firm faces a series of strategic challenges in today’s highly competitive environment: How can we achieve sustainable growth when our traditional tax and audit practices are not growing and under assault from increasingly sophisticated automated tools and client demands for reduced fees? How can our firm stand out when many firms look the same, make the same claims, and offer the same services? How can we add still more value to our clients and become more effective, robust service providers and partners to them? The CPA Firm Advancement Suite℠ leverages Lodestar’s evidence-based business performance solutions and extended experience in working with CPA firms to address these and related challenges.”

Initial elements of the Suite were rolled out in late 2015 and centered on measuring and managing client engagement, the client buyer’s journey, and client attraction and retention. In 2016 a package of solutions for using thought leadership as a means of achieving competitive differentiation was added. This year new components for measuring and managing firm innovation culture, orientation, and performance as well as support for new product/service R&D and go-to-market success will be inserted. A R&D agenda will bring still more tools and resources to the overall Suite throughout 2017 and beyond.

About Lodestar

Lodestar is an advisory services firm that helps clients create, manage, and utilize information and intelligence of all kinds to solve complex business problems. Our work has two goals: improve business performance and drive growth.

The firm is built around six major practice areas – marketing research and decision sciences, information management, innovation, marketing effectiveness, customer experience, and strategy acceleration. We also offer specialized services in areas such as competitive intelligence, technology scouting, intellectual property assessment, future forecasting, performance measurement, marketing effectiveness, ROI assessment, strategic planning, sales force effectiveness, and go-to-market strategy.

Lodestar works with Fortune 1000 and SMB clients across a variety of industries, including financial services, healthcare and life sciences, media, publishing, technology, professional services, manufacturing, and the public sector.

For more information visit us at www.lodestarAP.com or via Donatella Monaco at donatella.monaco@LodestarAP.com.

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