Lodestar Introduces The Life Sciences Market Monitor℠

Lodestar Introduces The Life Sciences Market MonitorSM

Princeton, NJ, May 6, 2017 – Lodestar has unveiled its latest business intelligence offering for startup and mid-sized healthcare, life science, and biotechnology clients – The Life Sciences Market Monitorsm. The Monitor platform provides continuous affordable, on-demand competitive intelligence, market research, and relevant market, business, and scientific information in a fully customizable, user-friendly deliverable.

Lodestar CEO Dr. Tom Nelson commented, “Decision-makers in smaller life sciences organizations – from biomedical devices to pharmaceutical to emerging biotechnology – all struggle with a common four-headed problem. In the midst of already fully packed workdays, how can they:

  •  Stay abreast of developments in a rapidly and continuously changing marketplace?
  •  Digest multiple streams of heavy and complex information – markets, competitors, technology, regulatory, innovation and intellectual property, legal, customers, other stakeholders, etc.?
  •  Make sense of everything – interpret what the accumulated information means and its implications for the company?
  •  And perhaps most importantly, minimize the risk of missing a critical piece of intelligence that may drive success or failure across the enterprise?

The solution is that Lodestar becomes our clients’ dedicated “eyes and ears” in the marketplace and a thoughtful partner in helping them understand and act on information critical to their success.”

Importantly, The Life Sciences Market MonitorSM allows clients to buy the level of services they need and can afford: a monthly allocation – usually from 12 to 36 hours – of Lodestar senior, Ph.D.-level consultants’ time focused squarely on topics or issues of most interest, need, or importance.

Dr. Nelson added, “this new product concept evolved through a series of client de-briefs on what Lodestar could do to add more value. The concept is that Lodestar becomes a force multiplier to these smaller life sciences firms – we are able to extend their capabilities, their insight, and their response capacities in a dynamic marketplace.

About Lodestar

Lodestar is an advisory services firm that helps clients create, manage, and utilize information and intelligence of all kinds to solve complex business problems. Our work has two goals: improve business performance and drive growth.

The firm is built around six major practice areas – marketing research and decision sciences, information management, innovation, marketing effectiveness, customer experience management, and strategy acceleration. We also offer specialized services in areas such as competitive intelligence, technology scouting, intellectual property assessment, future forecasting, performance measurement, marketing effectiveness, ROI assessment, strategic planning, sales force effectiveness, and go-to-market strategy.

Lodestar works with Fortune 1000 and SMB clients across a variety of industries, including financial services, healthcare and life sciences, media, publishing, technology, professional services, manufacturing, and the public sector.

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